Zombie Control Unit

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 Want to help us corral some zombies? 

Are you in love with roller derby and want to be part of the action without… actually being part of the action? Not all of our league members need to take the track in order to be part of this sport! Why not volunteer to be a ref or an NSO (Non-Skating Official)?

Email the powers that be at zombiecontrolunit@undeadrd.com for more information on how to become part of our ZCU!

 Which adventure will you choose: Referee or NSO? 

What’s the difference?

Referees are our skating officials. They are experts on the WFTDA Rules and have the power to call penalties to keep our games clean and fun. You can find them wearing zebra stripes and they’ll usually be skating on the inside and outside of the track during game play.

*No skating experience needed, as we will show you the ropes for that as well!

NSOs are our Non-Skating Officials. As the name gives away, these are volunteers that are on the track without skates and are typical dressed in all black (think of stage hands.) These officials are responsible for the important task of keeping the game in order by tracking stats, score, timing penalties, keeping the game clock correct, and so much more. They have a great knowledge of the game from a detailed perspective and we wouldn’t be able to play without their hard work.

Roller derby officials are an important part of our league and this sport! We literally cannot play without them (just check the rule book!) And not only do they get the satisfaction of helping their local roller derby team and making new friends, but they get into bouts for free without leaving all battered and bruised! Sounds like a win-win to us!

Join the team that always wins: The Zombie Control Unit!

 R.I.P – Our Retired Officials 

  • Cheese
  • Dread R Alive
  • Ewen Ejected
  • Karma Kazi
  • Master Control Program
  • Just Rick
  • Madeya Cry
  • Mistress of the Snark
  • Lucky Lucia

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