Become Infected!


Join us for our next Recruitment Night:
Sunday, June 3rd
Paradise Skate Roller Rink
1201 W 10th St. Antioch, CA 94509

Sign up today!

Can’t make it to either one of these events? We’re always recruiting so you can always sign up for more information!


  • No Skating / Derby experience necessary – We teach you!
  • You don’t have to skate, you could always officiate!
  • You don’t even need to officiate, we love volunteers!
  • Anyone of any gender can join us!*

SKATERS – Flat Track Roller Derby is an exciting, fast-paced, hard-hitting, fitness-building sport! If you like action, like to compete and have a hunger to become Infected with the Roller Derby sickness, we will teach you everything you need to know, including the skating part.

DEAD-I-CATED DROP INS – Ask about our special benefits of being a DEAD-i-cated Drop In with our league! Especially for retired derby skaters who just want to drop in whenever to keep their jukey, derby pushy skills on lock!

*Per WFTDA requirements, our teams are female only, however that doesn’t mean we don’t accept anyone of any gender into our league to still skate with us. You can become a Dead-i-cated Drop in with us and still have the benefits of being a league member without being rostered or having the requirements rosterable skaters have.

WFTDA TRANSFERS – Do you already have derby experience and you’re new to the area or changing leagues? We’d love to have you join us! For more information on the requirements, please email

DROP IN SKATERS – We are always accepting new friends who want to stop by practice for some derby fun and everyone is welcome for the small drop in fee of $10/session. For more information or to plan for a drop-in, email us at!

OFFICIALS FUN DERBY FACT…there are more skating and non-skating officials at a roller derby bout than there are skaters on the track! Yep, it takes an entire Zombie Control Unit, to keep the Undead action happening, and WE WANT YOU to join us! Officials’ training is less commitment than being a skater, but again, we teach you everything you need to know.

AD-HOC VOLUNTEERS – are a growing part of our Zombie Control Unit, and crucial to our day-to-day business and community service operations. This job has the smallest time commitment requirement, but packs a punch for our league! All members are volunteers, but Ad-Hoc Volunteer is a distinction given to those who do not also skate or officiate but would like to help the league in other aspects (slanging beer or making it rain merch, for example.)

If you know you’re ready take the plunge and talk to a Recruitment Committee Member, either fill out our google contact form HERE or email us at


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