Undead Roller Derby (URD) formed in 2008 as Antioch’s own The Undead Bettys. In 2016, we became an official non-profit, 501c(3) corporation. We have 2 women’s bouting teams, The Undead Bettys (an official ‘Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’ Charter Team) and The Damned Skaters; 2 training-level, non-bouting teams, Infected and Dead, and a children’s team called Jr. Bite Club.

URD’s mission is to provide a fun sport that promotes empowerment & fitness for our members, provides exciting entertainment for our fans, and helps build a strong community through our local charity work.

The “business” of URD is 100% run by skater & non-skater volunteers, and depends on skater fees, ticket sales and community donations for financial support. Our members range in age from 7-70 and come from all walks of life, all careers, and in all shapes & sizes; but the mission as members is the same – empowered fun & fitness.



SKATERS – Flat Track Roller Derby is an exciting, fast-paced, hard-hitting, fitness-building sport! If you like action, like to compete and have a hunger to become Infected with the Roller Derby sickness, we will teach you everything you need to know, including the skating part.


OFFICIALS – FUN DERBY FACT…there are more skating and non-skating officials at a roller derby bout than there are skaters on the track! Yep, it takes an entire Zombie Control Unit, to keep the Undead action happening, and WE WANT YOU to join us! Officials’ training is less commitment than being a skater, but again, we teach you everything you need to know.


AD-HOC VOLUNTEERS are a growing part of our Zombie Control Unit, and crucial to our day-to-day business and community service operations. This job has the smallest time commitment requirement, but packs a punch for our league! All members are volunteers, but Ad-Hoc Volunteer is a distinction given to those who do not also skate or officiate.

For more info on the above, view our Quick Start Guide here & email


#1 FANS – Our Undead Fans are THE BEST; many of them have been with us since the beginning! They wear our shirts, make colorful signs to encourage our teams at bouts, travel with us to enemy camps, donate food/raffle items for fundraising, and buy advertising for financial support.

If you’d like to become a #1 FAN and get first priority notice about Undead Roller Derby events, receive our Undead e-newsletter, and be invited to our social media fan pages, please email


SPONSORS – If you’re looking for a way to get your business message out to a captured, committed, local audience, URD would like to talk to you about sponsorship opportunities that are tax-exempt! We have many levels of sponsorship, from biz card ads in our bout programs all the way up to sponsoring an entire bout with all the Undead perks! For more info, view our Super Sponsorship Invitation here and email

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